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Thank you Kim! After 5 days of very physical sailing at the Tasar World Champs, I am feeling great, strong and up to the task of 5 more races. We are in 6th place with a chance at 5th. Thank you for 2 years of solid training to get me here. Note: They won 5th Place!

-Libby, August 2013-

I have been training with Kim for over 5 years now and have experienced a huge improvement in strength, balance and co-ordination as a result. Recently, I broke my ankle and after surgery was in a cast for 6 weeks. This confines one to using the other leg for most activities! I am so pleased with my ability to move from chair to crutches, hop up on examining tables, and use our not very accessible bathroom with relative ease. Specifically, balance exercises, upper body strengthening and those darn squats have made the difference. KIm always designs your program with what you need and want to accomplish in mind. Improving my general fitness under her guidance has also helped me deal successfully with an unexpected challenge.

-Claudia, September 2013-

I came into see Kim because I was having trouble getting up off the floor and I wanted to find ways to include more strength training in my life. The programs that Kim developed have really helped. I've been amazed at the weight I can now lift, without a problem.

In addition, I've found that I've been inspired to do the programs, on my own, at home. She has developed programs that work in my harried schedule and around my specific needs. Kim is patient and knowledgeable. I've been amazed at how much I've learned about doing exercise in the correct way (no wonder I kept hurting myself!). Her friendliness and the way that she balances kindness with pushing me to stretch past my fear make workouts with her a pleasure.

I recommend her highly with no reservations!

-Carolyn M.-

I have been working with Kim twice a week for over two years and it has been a great journey so far. At 62 I was slowly losing strength and balance as I aged. I wanted to stay fit and mobile for the activities I love like gardening and playing with my grandchildren.

Kim has a special talent for designing routines that challenge and teach whatever one's initial physical condition. She has had years of experience as a yoga teacher and as a personal trainer. She teaches one to do the exercises correctly, thus maximizing gain and minimizing injuries.

I have especially enjoyed noticing my abilities and strength increase, for example, I can now turn the bar which shuttles my grandchildren back and forth on a little tram at the playground...two years ago, this was not an option. I can balance on one leg to get into my jeans and I can get up from almost any chair with ease. I'm not always happy to go to the gym at 7am, but I'm always happy that I did.

-Claudia R.-

I really enjoy working with Kim. Her laughter filled, fun way of being, makes the training easeful and light, while really getting the work done. She has a way of approaching my training routines that keeps them fresh, interesting and most importantly, effective.

I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants their workout to be highly impactful and can do without the grind.

-Martha H.-

Before Kim, I was super morbidly obese, housebound, a Type II diabetic on 110 units of insulin per day, with an A1C over 8, couldn't climb a single flight of stairs, and had severe sciatica to the point of having to live on pain killers just to be able to move at all. In other words, I had no life.

We started out slowly and gradually with strength and resistance training. Kim's knowledge, experience and expertise with the issues of non-perfect bodies enabled me to trust her completely. With Kim's sure and steady encouragement and ever evolving workout program customized to my needs and limitations, I was able to reduce my insulin to 75 units per day, drop my A1C to 5.9, and improve my core strength to the point where I could start moving again - with much less pain.

But still my life was severely limited.

So it was time for my partnership in health with Kim to move to a new level. I made the decision to have R-N-Y Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery. I was home from the hospital in only 2 days, pain free and had zero surgical complications. There are two equal reasons why I had such smooth sailing for my surgery. One, was the fantastic surgeon I had - Dr. Jeffrey Hunter of Virginia Mason Hospital. The other reason was my drastically improved health and strength pre-op which was directly due to my personal training with Kim.

My post-op weight loss success and health improvements are also a result of my continued personal training with Kim. I no longer take any insulin at all, my A1C number is 5.7, my other meds have been drastically reduced, and I no longer need a handicap sticker for my car!!

Needless to say, the quality of my life has been transformed. And Kim has been there with me every step of the way -- adjusting my program at every step to match my body's new capabilities. Her ability to read the body, no matter what state it is in, was especially critical to my being able to start exercising safely again at only 3 weeks post-op.

Kim has been able to help me accomplish this transformation because she has extensive knowledge of the human body -- in all its forms, abilities and limitations. And continues to expand her knowledge base at all times. Kim chooses the type and level of exercise according to what is appropriate for the individual. And she maintains detailed records. This enables her to continuously vary the routine to fit the client's ever evolving needs and goals.

In addition to the depth and breadth of expertise that Kim brings as a personal trainer, she also listens, explains, encourages and is kind. Even on the days you might not feel like exercising, you will still look forward to your time spent with Kim.

Before gastric-bypass surgery.

Seattle Personal Trainer Weight Loss

Kim is the best gift I have ever given myself.
-Eileen Massucco-

After gastric-bypass surgery.
The following picture is the transformed me, trekking in the Japanese Garden
section of Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
Seattle Personal Trainer Weight Loss

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. Because I’ve been working out with Kim for the past five years, I was able to approach this milestone far more fit and confident than I ever would have been without her. In fact, because Kim has helped me become so much more “physically focused,” I feel younger now than I did five years ago!

Kim focuses on an individual’s needs and goals, and varies the routines often enough to keep them fresh. She takes into account the whole person, with attention to balance, coordination, strength training, and engaging one’s core.

When I started working with Kim, we had weekly sessions. With her support, I’ve developed the confidence (and discipline – a new thing for me!) to work with her once every other week, and work out the rest of the time on my own. She gives good direction and coaching, and manages to (gently) hold me accountable. I feel very lucky to have found this level of expertise and support.

-Janet Simmelink-
Senior Corporate Communications Specialist
Swedish Medical Center

My husband Verlin observed Kim working with her customers, and was very impressed. He contacted her to see if she would be willing to work with me.

Many years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. After trying several forms of exercise, I would usually end up exhausted. Now, after my sessions with Kim, I have more energy and I love doing my exercises.

Thank you, Verlin, for contacting Kim for me.

- Donna Lee Judd -

"I've been taking yoga classes with Kim for over six years now. In addition to relieving stress, Kim's class has done wonders for building my strength and stamina. Practicing yoga provides me with quiet times throughout my week to relax and focus on how I'm feeling, without distraction.

Kim also worked with me to customize a strength/resistance training program that I can do at home. She instructed me about what equipment to buy, how to use the space I have, and went through the routine with me to make sure I had a thorough understanding of it. Now I can train at home a couple of times a week without having to travel to a gym.

Kim is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher who always provides feedback and encouragement. I highly recommend her yoga classes and personal training services."

- Stephanie Conaghan -
Web Program Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"I have worked with Kim for over 10 years. In all that time, she's managed to keep me challenged with new and creative workouts, and that's no small feat! I am an impatient perfectionist when it comes to my physical fitness, and I jump through many different types of sports, depending on the season (see below). Kim combines strength training (core and traditional), balance work, yoga, and cardio training in new ways that fit the sport I'm training for at the time. Anytime I hint of boredom, she finds a way to take it to the next level.

Working with Kim has improved my performance in each of my athletic endeavors, and has helped me stay away from injury. Kim is motivating in a quiet and strong sense, she is candid and honest in her approach and her feedback, and has lots of tips and tricks about nutrition to keep me healthy and competitive. She's an invaluable asset to my physical and mental fitness.

If you're looking for someone who will take your personal goals and physical abilities into account, and who will work with you to create a fitness program that challenges you and fits into your life, contact Kim Williams-Brinck.

winter sports: running, snowboarding
spring/summer sports: triathlons, mountain biking, rollerblading, wakeboarding
other: yoga"

- Rebecca Norlander -
Group Manager
Security Business Unit
Microsoft Corporation

"Kim has been my personal trainer for three years. Prior to starting with Kim, I had never done any strength/resistance training . The improvements I've seen as a result of her workout routines are tremendous. I feel much stronger, healthier, and more toned. Kim is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

Kim also introduced me to yoga, and I've been taking her yoga class for about two and a half years. Kim is an excellent teacher. She pays attention to every single detail! I trust her, so I'm confident trying more difficult poses in class. I have recommended her class to several close friends. Like me, they now are addicted!

I would highly recommend Kim as both a personal trainer and a yoga teacher!"

- Siobhan Quaid -
Senior Systems Analyst
DHL/Airborne Express

If you're 19 years old and already have a perfectly toned size-4 body, then you won't be interested in my comments. But if you are a regular person with body, health and age issues, then read on!

I'm middle-aged, overweight and an insulin-dependent type II diabetic with associated complications. You won't see anyone like me in those TV ads for exercise equipment, gyms or personal trainers to the stars. So, should I just give up? For a long time I did. Especially after I tried a personal trainer who was more interested in me meeting his expectations. I ended up in physical therapy with a shoulder problem. And very discouraged when I couldn't fit his cookie-cutter routine that everyone is supposed to do in the same way.

Then I found out about Kim Williams-Brinck. Now, did she transform me into that 19 year old size-4 beauty queen? No, that's only possible in TV gimmick ads. But our partnership did transform the quality of my life. The key to my success with Kim as my personal trainer is that both of us have realistic expectations and patience. To that end, Kim designed a customized personal training regimen for me -- my body, my age and my health issues. And, as my partner in my ever-improving fitness level, Kim evolves and varies my customized program.

I started out completely housebound and couldn't climb a single flight of stairs. Now I do strength training, under Kim's direct supervision, at a Gold's Gym. I've been able to cut my insulin needs in half, no longer faint at the mere sight of a flight of stairs, and brought my A1C number down to 5.9 -- the high end of the normal range. My doctor is thrilled and flabbergasted.

Kim has been able to help me accomplish this because she has extensive knowledge of the human body -- in all its forms, abilities and limitations. And continues to expand her knowledge base at all times. Kim chooses the type and level of exercise according to what is appropriate for the individual. And she maintains detailed records so the routine can be tracked down to the level of what is appropriate for that individual on a specific day. This enables her to continuously vary the routine to fit the client's needs and goals.

In addition to the depth and breadth of expertise that Kim brings as a personal trainer, she also listens, explains, encourages and is kind. Even on the days you might not feel like exercising, you still look forward to your training time with Kim.

Kim is the best gift I have ever given myself.

- Eileen Massucco -

"I've been taking yoga classes from Kim for over a year now. She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who enjoys her work and her students. She regularly attends yoga workshops, so we get the benefit of learning lots of the new ideas and techniques that Kim brings back. I've taken other yoga classes, and one of the things that has impressed me most about Kim's classes is how well she integrates beginner and intermediate students within a class---longtime students continue to be challenged, even as first-timers begin learning. I highly recommend Kim as a yoga teacher."

- Christina Amante -

"I've been taking yoga classes from Kim twice a week for a year and I benefit from it so much I can't imagine ever stopping. Somehow she manages to emphasize the many different sides to yoga -- from the contemplative healing side, to the physical and mental strengthening side -- thus engaging the students on many levels, definitely keeping us on our toes. After a year of classes, I'm stronger and making progress with the more difficult poses, and I'm consistently learning new things that enhance not only my yoga study, but also my other activities like running and bike riding.

Kim has also worked as my personal trainer, and that's been great, too. She got me doing things with strength training -- like working with stability balls -- that were unlike anything I'd done in weight lifting before, and I saw very satisfying improvements. She also made me more aware of form and technique, and taught me things that I carry over into all of my strength-training activities.

Kim's very approachable, and fun to interact with. You also figure out very quickly that you can trust her. She believes in what she's doing, knows what she's talking about, and practices what she teaches. It's a great combination. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

- Julie Launhardt, Technical Publications Editor -

"Over the last year, I've lost 60 pounds - Kim's weight training program has been a big part of my weight loss success (along with better nutrition, walking, and running). I've been working with Kim since August of 1997, during this time she has developed several weight training programs for me. She's always very patient and listens carefully to my input. I've remained injury free since weight training, and Kim has introduced me to yoga which has greatly increased my flexibility. I wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone pursuing better health through weight training or yoga."

- Pat Morley -
Manager, Sales Support

"I have Fibromyalgia and I am so thankful for Kim's in-home service for fitness training. I find it difficult as do most people - to continue on an exercise program. I've been able to do so now, with Kim's help, for the past year and a half. She encourages me when I'm having difficulties and congratulates me when I'm doing well. Kim is very easy to work with, and I highly recommend her services."

- Amy -